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Frizzy hair is hard to manage: it is difficult to untangle and comb and appears lackluster while feeling course to the touch. Environmental and physical stress are among the main causes of frizzy hair: without sufficient moisture, hair’s external cuticle is uplifted and loses its elasticity and shine. Hair becomes particularly exposed to climatic conditions such as humidity as well as static electricity.

JOC CARE FRIZZY AND UNRULY HAIR programme relaxes and detangles the fiber, restoring hair with its natural softness for an extra smooth effect. The treatments, formulated with Linseed Oil and Magnolia Extract, protect the surface of hair from external agents, smoothing the cuticle and increasing hair brilliance.

Maximum results are obtained when all products of the programme are used regularly and in synergy.


A smoothing treatment, specifically designed for hard to control hair that becomes extra silky, easy to manage and to brush. Helps eliminate static electricity.


Distribute evenly on washed and towel dried hair. Comb, let set for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


Linseed Oil: forms an invisible shield around the hair fiber, protecting it from humidity and external aggressions while preventing the loss of hydration. Contains a high quantity of moisturizing and restructuring properties that protect and revitalize hair’s external cuticle.

Magnolia: with moisturizing properties that give hair suppleness. Helps control frizziness and gives extreme shine.

Other active ingredients:  Rice Bran Oil


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