About Us

Who We Are

We love hair. Every shade. Every nuance.

We see undertones in undertones. We are the hairdressers who make our clients run across the street just to see their hair in the sunlight. Tired of being let down by hair companies with extravagant promises but average results, we undertook a journey to find someone as passionate about being the best as we are.

That is why we at Three Doors Beauty are proud to be the sole Barex Italiana importer in the United States. They see hair how we see hair.

Steeped in over 40 years of scientific research from its inception, a keen Italian eye for art, and feedback from hairdressers like you, this family run business is on the cutting edge of the rapidly expanding cosmos of the beauty industry.

We are also very passionate about the use of ingredients that we can be proud of. Barex Italiana’s carefully sourced and harvested botanical ingredients often meet the strictest organic certifications possible. This means they are
responsibly developed, making sure the land and local cultures are environmentally and economically sustained.

We believe that education empowers you, and we provide the tools to do so, from the science that goes into choosing our ingredients, to the hair textures that it is best suited for.

The scents have all been painstakingly chosen to give you a visceral journey through the worlds they came from. This is the culmination of the fruit  of our labor, and are our gift of knowledge and luxury from Italy with love to you.

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