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An unhealthy diet, medicines, physical stress and environmental agents can all negatively influence scalp’s natural balance resulting in discomforts such as excessive sebum production and, at times, the occurance of dandruff. Impure scalp often comes with itchiness and hair that doesn’t stay clean.

JOC CURE IMPURE SCALP treatment programme has been designed to intervene delicately yet efficiently in these situations with the goal of re-establishing scalp’s natural balance, eliminating impurities and controlling sebum production. Natural extracts such as White Nettle and Burdock perform a detox action and help revitalize scalp while deeply cleansing hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

Maximum results are obtained when all products of the programme are used regularly and in synergy.


Brings scalp that is stressed or with excess sebum back to a state of wellness. Performs a softening and dermo-purifying action. Scalp is toned and hair stays shiny and cleansed over time.


Apply to damp hair. Carefully massage in to allow the active substances to act. Rinse thoroughly.


White Nettle: rich in tannins, vitamin C and oligoelements (silicium, iron, potassium, calcio, manganese etc.) which have rebalancing and revitalizing properties to help purify scalp.

Burdock: thanks to polyunsaturated lipids and phenolic acids, it has a detox and strengthening effect on scalp.

Other active ingredients:  Conditioning surfactants, Horsechestnut Extract, Biotin


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