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With over 53 years of experience in the creation and development of professional products for the hairdresser, Barex Italiana can be called Mastery Lab.  

*All products are SLES FREE, PARABEN FREE, All Natural, Cruelty Free and Certified Organic.

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JOC CARE is 100% Vegan.  JOC CARE products are made according to the ‘CLEAN Beauty’ philosophy which is even more popular thanks to increasing customers’ awareness.  Nowadays choosing properly the products we use on our skin and hair is as important as choosing good food for our diet.  This adds extra value for a product whose production process excludes completely during all stages any animal-derived substances, avoiding any animal sacrifice and/or abuse for clean, innovative, effective and sustainable formulations.  A recent survey* of 24,000 people shows that about 93% of consumers look for CLEAN products because they considered them safe and NOT toxic.


JOC CARE means RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.  All our bottles are 100% recyclable and made of up to 100% post-consumer recycled plactic (PCR). We use plastic which can be reused an infinite number of times: recycled and recyclable to create a virtuous circle.

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JOC COLOR PROTECTION utilize Wheat Proteins and Jojoba Oil to protect, rebuild, soothe, and add shine to color treated hair.  Wheat Proteins penetrate deeply and quickly into the hair fiber and perform a highly strengthening, restructuring, and protective actionJojoba Oil soothes and relieves scalp tension with a conditioning action and provides extraordinary shine. 

JOC COLOR is also 100% Vegan, contains Blue Light Shield, and is made with up to 100% PCR.  



JOC STYLE is the desire to have fun and create a dynamic style. A simple, streamlined range. Intense and vibrant colors representing innovation and design.  A graphic look inspired by botanical illustrations, reflecting the in-depth study into the ingredients we use for our products. 



Oro del Marocco

What It Is

An ideal line for damaged, chemically treated, hard to control and frizzy hair.  Oro del Marocco takes care of hair through a complete range of treatment and styling products formulated with certified organic Argan and Linseed Oils

The results are extraordinary:  hair instantly gains strength, softness, body and shine.

Certified organic argan Oil

-Is immediately absorbed by hair, without weighing it down

-Deeply restructures the hair fiber

-Drastically reduces drying time

-Protects hair from external agents, humidity and frizz

-Instantly detangles, providing discipline and making hair more manageable

-Gives incredible shine and softness

Certified Organic Linseed Oil

-Wraps hair in an invisible film, protecting it from external agents

-Blocks the loss of water and increases hydration

-Improves elasticity

-Makes hair shiny through the smoothing of the the cuticle scales

olioseta oro di luce


Oro di Luce

What It Is

A complete line of treatment and styling products enriched with Silk Proteins and Linseeds for hair infused with luminosity. Ideal for all hair types, particularly indicated for dull, opaque, fragile and weakened hair. 

Hair immediately acquires a silky feel, extraordinary shine and becomes smooth and easy to comb.


Always considered a symbol of splendor, luxury and royalty, silk is renowned for its softness and extraordinary sheen that makes it unique. Its proteins contain strong moisturizing and smoothing properties which make the surface of the hair polished, smooth and shiny. They have the ability to penetrate damaged hair, repairing the outer surface and forming a strongly protective film which helps to keep the scalp elastic and hydrated.


Linseed represents naturalness, vitality and lightness. Linseed Oil is a source of minerals, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, all perfect elements to nourish the hair and soften the scalp. It wraps hair in an invisible film, capable of preserving it from external elements, allowing a better alignment of cuticular scales, increasing reflection of the light and making hair shiny.


Hair Saving System: For a PERFECT Blonde Look

Superplex is a system developed to give all women, especially those who want blonde hair at all costs, the opportunity to make their dream come true while respecting the health of their hair, thanks to specific formulas and ingredients designed to meet all the needs of bleached, blonde and highlighted hair.


All the bleaching and treatment products contain Polyamino Sugar Condensate, a compound that gives strength and stability to the hair fibers.

Moreover, the treatments are enriched with Keratin Amino Acids that plump the hair to get and preserve the blonde look you’ve always desired.


Healthy, vigorous and nourished hair after each bleaching. Superplex is the most effective way to get the blonde look you’ve always desired, without affecting the hair fibers.

Superplex polyamino sugar condensate
superplex keratin

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