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The joy of taking care of your hair, of spending a positive and relaxing moment. An essential, fast and effective beauty routine with 100% Vegan formulations. Four treatment lines with four different blends to meet every need.

joc care
sles and paraben free

Without SLES, parabens and dyes

100% vegan

100% Vegan

ideal for dull hair

Ideal for all types of hair

Made in Italy

Made in Italy and dermatologically tested

enhanced hair care


Expertly calibrated ingredients for a unique formulation. The secret? It is enough to get close to nature to discover wonderful ingredients that can give us all the benefits we need: extremely functional active ingredients that allow us to live a true natural experience.

All formulas are enriched with a combination of botanical extracts and marine algae, extremely functional sources of beauty and well-being with multiple beneficial properties.



All JOC Care treatments are formulated with the powerful Blue Light Shield technology that exploits the ability of Blue Microalgae : a primitive microorganism, with specific poto-protective pigments, able to protect skin and hair from harmful HEV rays (blue light) to which we are constantly exposed. Extremely powerful, it prevents premature aging and preserves the brilliance of the color.

blue light shield

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