JOC Joy of Care Hair Coloring Cream Shades and Directions

JOC Hair Coloring Cream features a palette of 68 shades that offer endless possibilities from fashion to colors to naturals. Micropigments penetrate easily into the fiber so that the formula requires a low percentage of ammonia. JOC hair coloring cream allows for long lasting hair color: the cuticle closes completely and color stays locked inside the hair. Contains jojoba oil and wheat proteins. Jojoba oil hydrates the hair and makes it soft and supple. Wheat proteins strengthen and repair and protect the hair fiber from damage.

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JOC Hair Coloring Cream Color List

1:1.5 Ratio


  • 0.10 Blue
  • 0.1 Ash
  • 0.6 Red
  • 0.7 Purple


  • 1.0 Black
  • 2.0 Darkest Brown
  • 3.0 Darkest Natural Brown
  • 4.0 Natural Brown
  • 5.0 Light Natural Brown
  • 6.0 Dark Blonde
  • 7.0 Blonde
  • 8.0 Light Blonde
  • 9.0 Very Light Blonde
  • 10.0 Lightest Natural Blonde
  • 11.00 Platinum Blonde


  • 5.3 Light Golden Brown
  • 6.3 Dark Golden Brown
  • 7.3 Golden Blonde
  • 8.3 Light Golden Blonde
  • 9.3 Golden Very Light Blonde


  • 7.31 Beige Blonde
  • 8.31 Light Beige Blonde
  • 9.31 Very Light Beige Blonde
  • 10.31 Lightest Beige Blonde
  • 11.31 Platinum Beige Blonde


  • 2.10 Blue Black
  • 5.1 Light Ash Brown
  • 6.1 Dark Ash Blonde
  • 7.1 Ash Blonde
  • 8.1 Light Ash Blonde
  • 9.1 Very Light Ash Blonde
  • 10.1 Ash Lightest Natural Blonde
  • 11.10 Ash Platinum Blonde

Intense Ash

  • 5.11 Intense Ash Brown
  • 7.11 Intense Ash Blonde
  • 9.11 Very Light Intense Ash Blonde
  • 11.11 Intense Ash Platinum Blonde

Ash Irise

  • 8.21 Light Ash Irise Blonde
  • 9.21 Very Light Ash Irise Blonde
  • 10.21 Lightest Ash Irise Blonde
  • 11.12 Pearly Platinum Blonde


  • 7.013 Malibu Sands
  • 8.013 Tahiti Sands
  • 9.013 Acapulco Sands
  • 11.013 Antigua Sands


  • 4.35 Tobacco Brown
  • 5.35 Light Tobacco Brown
  • 6.35 Dark Tobacco Blonde

Copper/Golden Copper

  • 7.4 Copper Blonde
  • 8.43 Light Blonde Golden Copper

Intense Copper

  • 7.44 Intense Copper Blonde
  • 8.44 Intense Light Copper Blonde


  • 6.6 Dark Red Blonde
  • 7.66 Intense Red Blonde


  • 4.7 Violet Brown
  • 8.7 Light Violet Blonde
  • 9.7 Very Light Violet Blonde


  • 3.05 Dark Chocolate
  • 4.05 Chocolate Cream
  • 5.05 Chocolate and Chantilly

Marron Glace

  • 5.9 Light Brown Marron Glace
  • 6.9 Dark Blonde Marron Glace
  • 7.9 Blonde Marron Glace

Extra Lifting Hair Cream 1:2 Ratio

  • 000 Lightening Booster
  • 12.0 Extra Platinum Blonde
  • 12.21 Extra Platinum Pearly Grey Blonde
  • 12.11 Extra Platinum Intense Ash Blonde
  • 12.71 Extra Platinum Ash Violet Blonde
  • 12.2 Extra Platinum Lavender Blonde
  • 12.75 Extra Platinum Mahogany Violet
  • 12.7 Extra Platinum Violet Blonde

JOC Hair Coloring Cream Mixing and Application Instructions

joc hair coloring cream model

JOC Hair Coloring Cream (1:1.5 color to developer ratio) – One tube of JOC Hair Coloring Cream contain 100 ml of product to be mixed with 150 ml of JOC Color Shine Developer. Each tube is enough for two complete applications on long hair or four touch ups.

Oxidizer Volumes and Development Times

10 Vol – For tone-on-tone color treatments; To emphasize coverage; To darken – 35-40 minutes to process

10 Vol – For bleached hair – 15-25 minutes to process

20 Vol – To cover while lightening 1 tone – 35-40 minutes to process

30 Vol – To cover while lightening 2 tones; For application on virgin or natural hair – 35-40 minutes to process

40 Vol – To cover while lightening 3 tones or more – 35- 40 minutes to process

IMPORTANT: Reduce development time if a heat source is used

Mixing Instructions:

For a complete application, mix 50 ml (half a tube) of hair coloring cream with 75 ml of the desired JOC Color developer. This will yield 125 ml of product sufficient to color a generous amount of hair completely. The developer contains Meadowfoam Flower extract, activated when the mixture is applied, to deeply repair the fiber, ensuring uniform, and brilliant color. Using a non-metallic bowl, pour in the cream, then add the developer, blending with. Brush until the mixture is smooth and even. The mixture must be applied immediately upon preparation.

Important: The JOC COLOR Cream’s special formula permits use in a diluted form of a 1:1 (i.e. equal parts of cream and developer). This will intensify its coverage capacity, while highlighting the nuances and preserving the sheen and fidelity of the color selected.

joc hair coloring cream model

JOC Hair Coloring Cream Application Instructions

First Full Color Treatment on Natural Hair

Apply the mixture onto dry hair. Divide the hair into sections by making a part that goes from ear to ear. Coloring the rear section first, start from the part and go down toward the nape, applying the mix approx. 1.5-2 cm from the root along the entire length, including the ends. For the front section, start from the center and work toward the forehead. Allow to develop approx. 10-20 minutes, then distribute the mixture on to the roots, leaving it on according to the developer (see table above). A few minutes before the development time expires, pour some lukewarm water over the hair and emulsify the residual color mixture, then comb gently. Rinse thoroughly. Proceed with cleansing using a mild shampoo and complete the treatment with JOC products.

Touch Up Application

Part the hair as described previously. Working from the center toward the nape, then from the center toward the forehead, apply the mixture to the roots and let it develop according to the times on the table above. To even out color on faded ends and lengths, apply mixture, let set 10 more minutes, then rinse and complete the treatment with JOC Products.

Application on Bleached Hair

Prior to application, bleach hair until obtaining a base as light as possible. Wash well and towel dry. For hair with a medium bleaching, mix 50 ml of cream with 75 ml of developer. For hair with a strong bleaching, dilute the cream more if necessary. Development time:15-25 minutes according to the condition and degree of receptivity of the hair.


To intensify, drab, enhance or correct the result of any color treatment. Just a few grams of JOC COLOR corrector can be added to the normal quantity of the cream before mixing in the JOC COLOR developer. For darker colors increase quantity proportionately.


To lift up to 4-5 tones, dilute JOC COLOR Super Lightening Cream in a ratio f 1:2 with the JOC COLOR developer at 40 vol. Processing time is 35-40 minutes. The Lightening Booster 000 can be used whenever the lifting action of the shade is to be increased by 1 tone. It can be added in equal parts (25 ml + 25 ml) to the shades of the Super Lightening Series or with any base color, adding 100 ml of developer. This product can also be used alone.

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