JOC WAVE – Easy Curl Lotion and Neutralizer

Curls just want to have fun!

“Perms can be so versatile. They add movement to super straight hair, making styling easier!”

-ELLE Magazine, 2018

Did you know?

  • 50% of men and women perceive curly-haired girls as fun
  • 80% of women would choose wavy or curly hair as their natural hairstyle (only 16% would choose straight)
  • 31% of women reach for the curling iron when they want to “get glam”
  • 54% of women with wavy or curly hair say their curls make them feel unique

A long story…

The first perm was made in 1906 by the German hairdresser Karl Ludwig Nessler and his courageous wife, who offered herself as a test subject despite the various burns on her scalp and hair, caused by previous truly disastrous experiments.

In the following decades, overcoming impractical and unsafe methods, the perm was perfected to become the iconic hair treatment of the 1980s: curl and voluminous hair, almost frizzy, symbol of many celebrities of the time.

Perms today…

Perms are back! But in a contemporary version. Trend alert launched by celeb and style icons, after years of abandonment in favor of super-smooth hair.

The new generation perm focuses on natural, soft and lightweight curls. With a new: less aggressive formula for a much safer service.

A New Opportunity…


Waving services can be totally personalized.

To each his own curl!


Curly hair requires great maintenance. An incentive to return to the salon to take care of hair, after the technical service.


One more opportunity to increase the salon menu and, therefore, to increase the salon business.




JOC WAVE Easy Curl Lotion is formulated with Cysteamine. It derives from Cysteine, a naturally-occuring amino acid in hair that allows the natural movement.

Cysteamine gradually and delicately modifies and strengthens hair’s keratin structure for a natural result and defined waves.


Carefully and cruelty-free collected from the soft bellies of pampered goats. Cashmere wool is composed primarily of Keratin Proteins.

They rebuild the shaft giving body and strength. In addition, Cashmere Proteins smooth and revive strands, stopping frizz for curls with an airy bounce. They provide higher shine and improved combability.


Always known as an officinal plant for its anti-inflammatory properties, this extract is widely used as a component in cosmetics thanks to its emollient and moisturizing action.

Rich in sugars and Vitamins A, B, and C, it has moisture binding properties and helps replenish hair with hydration that lasts over time. Moreover, helps soften hair and enhance elasticity.

JOC WAVE Easy Curl Lotion

Size: 200ml

Universal: Ideal for all hair types and conditions: natural, colored, treated, normal, fine, or thick hair.

Multi-Functional: A modular method allows to regulate setting time based on hair condition.

Semi-Permanent Results: Soft curls and waves for 8 – 10 weeks

  • Thioglycolic Acid Free
  • Ammonia Free
  • pH 8


  • 5 MINUTES: For sensitized and damaged hair
  • 10 MINUTES: For treated and fine hair
  • 15 MINUTES: For colored hair
  • 20 MINUTES: For normal and thick hair

JOC easy curl neutralizer

JOC WAVE Easy Curl Neutralizer

Size: 500ml

Combined Action: Formulated to work together with JOC WAVE Easy Curl Lotion

Permanent Result: Long lasting curls and waves up to 15 weeks.

  • Thioglycolic Acid Free
  • Ammonia Free

Choose your style!

joc easy curl lotion

End Service with only Easy Curl Lotion for Changing Fashions!

Apply to every rod and check every 5 minutes.

Results last 8 – 10 weeks

Use both Easy Curl Lotion and Easy Curl Neutralizer for curl lovers!

Accurately rinse the Lotion and apply the Neutralizer. Let set 5 minutes, then remove rods and apply Neutralizer again and let set for 2 – 3 minutes.

Results last up to 15 weeks


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