Permesse Hair Coloring Cream

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Permesse Hair Coloring Cream

Permesse Hair Coloring Cream by Barex Italiana

Certified Organic and Gluten Free Hair Color

The art of creating beauty using an evolved chromatic technology and advanced treatment system. The pleasure of performing a ritual which is pure bliss for the senses in terms of vibrant color, velvety textures and an enveloping signature fragrance. Permesse is the premium salon ritual for an unforgettable emotion.

Enhanced by Natural Elements

  • AMBER EXTRACT: a timeless gem of natural origin, Amber is known as the “Light of the World”. Valued in ancient times as solidified rays of sun, the precious element was used in healing and curative amulets. Amber Extract delivers strength and brilliant shine while conditioning hair and neutralizing free radicals to prevent premature aging.
  • M4 ORGANIC BLEND: a synergic complex of 4 certified organic microproteins selected for their specific beneficial properties and for their multi-level penetration ability, wholly treating the hair shaft inside and out as well as scalp. Oats deliver moisture, Soya strengthens, Avocado protects and Wheat coats hair with glossy, laminated shine. Color pigments are uniformly anchored to hair, guaranteeing lasting results.

Hair Coloring Cream 1:1 Ratio


  • 1.0 Black
  • 2.0 Darkest Natural Brown
  • 3.0 Dark Natural Brown
  • 4.0 Natural Brown
  • 5.0 Light Natural Brown
  • 6.0 Dark Natural Blonde
  • 7.0 Natural Blonde
  • 8.0 Light Natural Blonde
  • 9.0 Very Light Natural Blonde
  • 10.0 Lightest Natural Blonde

Intense Naturals

  • 4.00 Intense Brown
  • 5.00 Intense Light Brown
  • 6.00 Intense Dark Blonde
  • 7.00 Intense Blonde
  • 8.00 Intense Light Blonde
  • 9.00 Intense Very Light Light Blonde

Warm Naturals

  • 5.003 Light Warm Natural Brown
  • 6.003 Dark Warm Natural Blonde
  • 7.003 Warm Natural Blonde
  • 8.003 Light Warm Natural Blonde
  • 9.003 Very Light Warm Natural Blonde
  • 10.003 Lightest Warm Natural Blonde


  • 5.3 Light Golden Blonde
  • 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde
  • 7.3 Golden Blonde
  • 8.3 Light Golden Blonde
  • 9.3 Very Light Golden Blonde
  • 10.3 Lightest Golden Blonde


  • 6.31 Dark Beige Blonde
  • 7.31 Beige Blonde
  • 8.31 Light Beige Blonde
  • 9.31 Very Light Beige Blonde
  • 10.31 Lightest Beige Blonde


  • 1.1 Blue Black
  • 4.1 Ash Brown
  • 5.1 Light Ash Brown
  • 6.1 Dark Ash Blonde
  • 7.1 Ash Blonde
  • 8.1 Light Ash Blonde
  • 9.1 Very Light Ash Blonde
  • 10.1 Lightest Ash Blonde


  • 5.35 Light Tobacco Brown
  • 6.35 Dark Tobacco Brown

Ash Pearl

  • 8.176 Light Ash Pearl Blonde
  • 9.176 Very Light Pearl Blonde


  • 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde
  • 7.4 Copper Blonde
  • 8.40 Light Intense Copper Blonde
  • 9.4 Very Light Copper Blonde
  • 10.4 Lightest Copper Blonde

Golden Copper

  • 7.43 Golden Copper Blonde
  • 8.43 Light Golden Copper Blonde

Deep Copper

  • 7.44 Deep Copper Blonde
  • 8.44 Light Deep Copper Blonde


  • 5.6 Light Red Brown
  • 6.60 Dark Intense Brown
  • 7.6 Red Blonde


  • 1.7 Violet Black
  • 4.70 Intense Violet Brown
  • 5.7 Light Violet Brown
  • 6.70 Dark Intense Violet Blonde
  • 9.7 Very Light Violet Blonde
  • 10.7 Lightest Violet Blonde


  • 6.73 Dark Tropical Blonde
  • 7.73 Tropical Blonde


  • 4.8 Dark Chocolate
  • 5.8 Chocolate Cream
  • 6.8 Chocolate and Coffee
  • 7.8 Chocolate and Caramel
  • 8.8 Chocolate Milkshake


  • Silver Correctors
  • Ash Correctors
  • Red Correctors
  • Violet Correctors

Extra Lifting Hair Cream 1:2 Ratio


  • 12.0 Platinum Blonde
  • 12.013 Natural Beige Platinum Blonde
  • 12.031 Ash Beige Platinum Blonde
  • 12.1 Ash Platinum Blonde
  • 12.176 Ash Pearl Platinum Blonde
  • 12.76 Pearl Platinum Blonde
  • 12.1176 Intense Ash Pearl Platinum Blonde

Mega Blonde

  • 11.0 Natural Mega Blonde
  • 11.01 Natural Mega Ash Blonde
  • 11.03 Natural Mega Golden Blonde
  • 11.31 Mega Beige Blonde
  • 11.07 Natural Mega Violet Blonde
  • 11 SS Lightening Reinforcer



Mix the coloring cream with a Permesse Activator at 10-20-30-40 volumes in a 1:1 ratio (ex.: 50ml of coloring cream + 50 ml oxidizing emulsion). One tube of Permesse coloring cream contains 100ml of product which is a sufficient quantity for 2 full applications.

  • Always wear protective gloves while preparing and applying the color.
  • Mix Permesse coloring cream with Permesse Activator, in a non-metallic bowl.
  • Once prepared, apply the mixture immediately, to dry and unwashed hair.

Use a type of Permesse Activator according to the desired result.


First application (on hair that has never been colored before)

Apply color to lengths and ends and let set for 15 min. Prepare a new batch of color and apply to roots, lengths, and ends and let set for another 30 min.

Application on colored hair or on regrowths or touch ups

Apply color to regrowth and let set for 30 min. To uniform lengths and ends: after setting time, wet hair with water and emulsify the previous applied color of the regrowth and distribute on lengths and ends, letting set for another 5 min.

For warm and natural shades a ratio of 1:2 may be used for the mixture (ex. 50 ml of coloring cream + 100 ml oxidizing emulsion) to enhance the lightening effect. Setting times do not change.

For red shades, increasing setting times by 5 to 10 minutes is suggested.

Correctors have a high concentration of pigments and are used to enhance, vary or attenuate the result of a coloration. Just a few grams of corrector can be added to the regular amount of coloring cream, before mixing it with the oxidizing emulsion.


Desired ResultVolumesSetting Times
Tone on ton coloring, to emphasize coverage, or to darken10 volumes30 – 35 min
Coloring pre-bleached hair10 volumes15 – 20 min
Coloring while lightening 1 tone20 volumes35 – 40 min
Coloring while lightening 2 tones, or applications on natural hair30 volumes40 – 45 min
Coloring while lightening 3 tones or more40 volumes45 – 50 min
*ATTENTION: when using heat source, setting times diminish



Extra lifting hair cream with lightening power of up to 5 tones, is to be mixed with Permesse Activator at 40 volumes in a ratio of 1:2 (ex.: 50 ml of Extra Lifting Cream + 100 ml of Permesse Activator). One tube of Permesse Extra lifting cream contains 100 ml of product which is sufficient quantity for 2 full applications.

  • Always wear protective gloves while preparing and applying the color.
  • Mix Permesse Extra Lifting Hair Cream with Permesse Activator, in a non metallic bowl.
  • Once prepared, apply the mixture immediately, to dry and unwashed hair.


First application (on hair that has never been colored)

Apply the cream on lengths and ends and let set for 20 minutes. Prepare a new batch of color and apply to roots, lengths and ends and let set for another 45 – 60 minutes.

Application to colored hair, regrowth or touch ups

Apply cream to regrowth and let set for 45 – 60 minutes.

Lightening Reinforcer 11 SS

Increases lifting power by up to 1 tone. Mix from 10 to 15 g exclusively with Extra lifting shades. Ex.: 50 g of Permesse Extra Lifting Hair Cream + 10 g of Lightening Reinforcer 11 SS + 120 g of Permesse Activator.

*Cannot be used alone.

Danielle Wilson

Danielle Wilson

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