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The scalp is an extremely delicate part of the epidermis. Just like skin, scalp is covered by a protective layer called “hydro-lipidic film” which defends it from external aggressions. When this film is altered, scalp loses its natural shield and its sensitivity to factors that normally aren’t problematic increases. For example, certain climatic conditions, physical stress and aggressive treatments can lead to irritations, reddening, itchiness and tension of the scalp.

JOC CURE SENSITIVE SCALP treatment programme is specifically studied to help soothe and calm scalp. Ultra delicate formulas based on officinal herbs perform an efficient calming action, providing long lasting relief.
Maximum results are obtained when all products of the programme are used regularly and in synergy.


Incredibly delicate, formulated to calm and provide relief to scalp thanks to an efficient complex of officinal herbs. After each shampoo, hair becomes softer, shinier and easy to manage.


Apply to damp hair. Carefully massage in to allow the active substances to act. Rinse thoroughly.


Marigold: rich in flavonoids, gives immediate relief to scalp and soothes irritations.

Althea Officinalis: performs an efficient emollient and decongestant action, relaxing scalp and increasing its elasticity.

Helichrysum: thanks to its toning and calming properties it gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and wellness.

Other active ingredients:  Lactic acid derivative, Betaglucan


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