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SUPERPLEX Uniblend Pure Pigments Violet 50ml #7


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Ultra concentrated pure pigments.  A liquid color which can be blended with all Barex products:  coloring cream, shampoos, masks and styling products.  A range of color made of 6 pigments all mixable with each other, to create an infinite color palette.


  • COLOR INTENSE:  to boost color, intensify undertones
    • Mix with hair coloring cream and extra lifting cream by Permesse/JOC Color/Oro Del Marocco Color.
    • Add pigments to the color after mixing with developer.  Processing time remains unchanged.
  • INSTAFILTER:  for a fun, instagram filter and temporary effect
    • Mix the pigments with water.  Apply using a color brush or spray on washed and towel dried hair, according to the density desired.  Once the color has processed DO NOT rinse out, proceed directly with drying.  Processing time from 3 to 5 minutes.
    • Color longevity from 1 to 8 shampoos
  • COLOR COCKTAIL:  for a hair botox treatment that revives color
    • Mix with Oro Di Luce Pure Protein Cocktail
    • Prepare the mixture of Pure Protein Cocktail and add pigments.  Distribute evenly and rinse thoroughly.  The processing time is the same as the one for the treatment with Pure Protein Cocktail
    • Color longevity:  from 1 to 8 shampoos
  • GLOSS TREAT:  to refresh & revive color while nourishing hair
    • Blend with Superplex, Permesse, JOC, Oro Del Marocco, and Oro Di Luce masks and conditioners
    • Prepare the mixture with mask or conditioner and apply to washed and towel dried hair.  Distribute evenly. Rinse thoroughly and dry when processing time is complete.  Processing time from 3 to 20 minutes, according to the hair’s natural level and desired result.
    • Color longevity:  from 1 to 8 shampoos
  • COLOR ME STYLE:  for creative styling that adds a touch of color
    • Blend with mousses and liquid styling products by Superplex, JOC Style, Oro Del Marocco, and Oro Di Luce.
    • Wearing gloves, add pigments into styling product then apply on washed, damp hair.  Proceed with drying.
    • Color longevity:  up to 5 shampoos
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